How to remove the barriers to becoming a great leader

Remove the barriers to becoming anything you dream you can be. Just remove them. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were as easy as reading those words.  In reality, it takes attention, willingness to change and a desire to get better (even if you’re not sick). 

You can be right or you can be successful

You can be right or you can be successful

Think about this for a second. Does it bring up any emotion?  Now, take a step back and think about what you gain from being right. Instant gratification, a pat on the back?

Why Flow Matters for Executives

Top executives, business owners, professional athletes, celebrities, and politicians all have teams that help hone natural aptitudes and learned skills. On top of that, their support systems hold them accountable for achieving their best. Simply put, the best of the best don’t reach the top alone.

Why Women are Natural Born Leaders

The Gender – Leadership Gap

Why is it that there are fewer female leaders than a male? While it can’t be ignored that gender equality has improved over time, we’re still a ways from true equality in the workplace. “Patriarchy is the psychopath of society”.