Leading With Empathy and Understanding: The Importance of Community and Connection

In this post on leading with empathy and understanding, I’ll break down the importance of creating that sense of community and connection by fostering a vision rather than taking a position.

The Power of Balance: How to Tap into Your Feminine and Masculine Energy for Success

The balance between feminine and masculine energies has long been championed as a way to achieve success, both personally and professionally. The most successful leaders understand that they benefit from both energies in order to be their best.

Break Down Barriers by Visualizing the Possibilities

Being proactive means designing your future, and not just letting life happen to you. But it must start with visualization. What we focus on expands. Remember…Think Possibilities, Not Limitations. Learn More Today!

Send Your Life Soaring to New Heights

Have you ever been on a plane and wondered how it all works? This fascinating piece of machinery works because of many elements– internally and externally.
And before you think “what is a pique-performance coach doing talking about airplanes?” know that this will have a direct connection to your life. Continue reading to find out how to keep flying high in life!

Life is a Reflection of Your Self-Concept

How you view yourself affects everything that happens in your life, and the reason why is simple: the way you see yourself determines what you pay attention to, and what you pay attention to determines what you think about and how you think about it. In other words, your self-concept — the beliefs, thoughts, and expectations that make up who you are — becomes your reality, regardless of whether or not it’s based on facts.

Escaping Your Mental Prison

Some things may seem they’ve been thrown at us, while other things we’ve (sometimes unknowingly) brought upon ourselves.

Our struggles, regardless of their origin, can lead us to believe that we are “trapped” and that our situations have sentenced us to an awful mental prison.

Now, if you’re content being mentally imprisoned, then by all means, don’t read any further.

But if you know deep down that there’s more to life than your current situation, then it’s time to take massive action and make a change.

The prison of your mind is real—and it will hold you back until you decide to break free.
Continue reading as we discuss these cranial confinements along with a few tips on how you can make your great escape…