Do You Want To Be Right, Or Aligned?

“What’s your intention,” I asked. He told me that they are trying to grow the business. The campaign made sense, but the resources to do it simply weren’t available. So, in one sense, he was right. Unfortunately, he was also misaligned.

The client had desired results of growth. Growing is a function of expansion, openness, abundance, or at least, “enoughness”.

Wonder Woman

Secret Weapons

Watching Lynda Carter fly her invisible jet while watching Wonder Woman on TV as a kid, I was mesmerized. While I could say that the idea of an aircraft that was truly invisible was amazing or that I thought planes, in general, were just cool, it was most likely due to watching Lynda Carter run around in her Underoos.

Be that as it may, she, and many others, had plenty of secret weapons. 007 had any number of toys. Superheros had abilities of which the villains were unaware and that helped our heroes win.

Letting Go Of Some Of Your B.S.

Playing video games as a pre-teen and later a teenager was one of my favorite things to do. And I played them all. I shoved enough quarters to create what would now be a healthy retirement account into full-size, stand-up games in the arcade and logged countless hours over the years on the classics on the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Nintendo, and Sega game consoles. And, of course, I played the adventure games that gave our family PC (an AWESOME 8086) it’s primary purpose and something for my siblings and me to fight over (as if we needed it).